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TARGET Flowcrete consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, aggregates and chemical admixtures.

Flowcrete is designed to be used as original or repair concrete in situations requiring a high-quality concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 10mm (3/8 inch). It may be mixed to any consistency from stiff plastic to flowing. An air-entraining agent is incorporated in the dry product to produce a concrete having good resistance to freezing and thawing. Shrinkage compensating agents are included to minimize plastic shrinkage. On request, Target Flowcrete based on Type 50 (Type V) cement can be supplied for use in areas requiring sulphate-resistant cement. TARGET Flowcrete with Silica Fume is also available for applications requiring reduced permeability.

  • Grouting of keyways or general grouting operations where a maximum aggregate size of 10mm (â…œ inch) is desirable.
  • Levelling beds with a thickness of 25mm (1 inch) or more.
  • Void filling where a 10mm (â…œ inch) aggregate is desirable or where the minimum dimension of the pour exceeds 25 mm (1 inch). For smaller dimensions, use TARGET Machine Base Grout, TARGET Portland Expanding Grout or TARGET 1118 Grout.
  • Structural repairs and applications requiring a high quality concrete at any consistency between stiff plastic and flowing where the quantities involved or placement conditions make the use of conventional ready-mixed concrete impractical. On request, silica fume can be included in the mix to give reduced permeability.
  • bags/m³ = Flowing 80;Plastic 82; Stiff Plastic 84.
  • bags/yd³ =Flowing 61; Plastic 63; Stiff Plastic 65.
  • ft³/bag = Flowing 0.44; Plastic 0.43; Stiff Plastic 0.42.
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