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TARGET 1118 Unsanded Silica Fume Grout consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, silica fume and special chemical admixtures.

The product is designed for use as a flowable grout. In working temperature ranges of 5 degrees C to 35 degrees C (41 degrees F to 95 degrees F), the grout will have a slight expansion prior to final set. The grout contains no chlorides or other admixtures that could aggravate corrosion of embedded steel.

  • TARGET Unsanded Silica Fume Grout is primarily designed for uses where a premium quality high flow grout that inhibits washout by water and has a very low permeability is required.
  • Soil tie back anchor grouting
  • Grouting of fissures and cracks in rocks
  • Grouting of unconsolidated preplaced aggregates
  • Anchor bolt grouting
  • Repair of stable cracks in concrete
  • Any area where there is a possibility of running water washing out the cement component in conventional grouts before they achieve final set
  • Situations where extended working or setting times are required
  • Grouting of post tensioning cables
  • Per 25 kg (55 lb) bag at fluid consistency:
  • bags/m³ = 55
  • bags/yd³ = 42
  • litres/bag = 18.4
  • ft³/bag = 0.65
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