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TARGET Sacking Mix consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, fine aggregate and admixtures. The product is designed to develop high bond strength when applied to cast concrete surfaces. It is normally used at a flowable consistency. In normal working temperature ranges 10 degrees C to 24 degrees C (50 degrees F to 70 degrees F) the mix will have a slight expansion prior to final set. TARGET Sacking Mix contains no chloride admixtures.

  • TARGET Sacking Mix is used to obtain architecturally acceptable finishes in cast concrete surfaces. It is used to patch and fill minor defects such as bug holes, honeycomb and segregation to provide a finish of uniform appearance. It is designed for application to exposed concrete surfaces such as columns, beams, walls, etc where uniformity of color and appearance are important.
  • Each bag of TARGET Sacking Mix will cover approximately 15.3 to 20.5 m2 (165 to 220 ft2) when mixed and applied as directed.
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