Tove Wrecking Bar 36"

G. Hjukstrom

36" Wrecking Bar

  • Made of specialty alloyed spring steel
  • Overall bar is tempered for extra strength
  • Extreme strength in relation to their length and low weight.
  • In tests preformed by the National Swedish Institute for Material Testing, the wrecking bars were found to withstand extreme strain without bending or breaking
  • Both chisel and the nail claw ends are designed with broad surfaces to provide minimal damage and marring to the work area
  • The nail claw has a precision angled v-slot designed to allow nails to be pulled regardless of the size of the head
  • Lifetime guaranteed
  • Hand forged.
  • The chisel end and the nail claw end are both sharpened so the edges can easily be be wedged behind ledge planks, moldings, etc.
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