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Type 196-2 K Mason Levels


This series of levels has been engineered for contractors that work with brick and block and prefer to touch or hit the level with their trowel etc. Through the two patented strike zones, any out-of-line bricks can be adjusted with taps of a trowel. Added to this the hand grips on the 36in and 48in lengths make for easy handling. The tough reinforced aluminum frame precisely aligned with the STABILA locked vial system is the guarantee for accuracy on any harsh building site.

Tough aluminum frame with two patented strikes zones to protect from the repeated hits of a trowel.

Large hand grips on 36in and 48in lengths.

Reinforcing ribs on the frame for added strength and grip.

Precision-milled measuring surface.

Always at eye level – the second plumb vial is offset towards the center, making it easy to read in all measuring positions.

Shock-absorbing, removable end caps – protects the frame against repeated drops and falls.

Easy to clean with water and brush.

STABILA's vial installation technology delivers best in class reliability – measuring accuracy in normal and reverse position will not exceed 1/32in over 72 inches

The white housing material around the vials is contoured so it is easy to clean.

Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 2 plumb vials, milled measuring surface, 2 hand grips on the 36in and 48in lengths. Metal sleeve hang hole so you hang the level up off the floor.

Protect your levels with a case. See cat. number 30015.

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