Type 50 (Type HS) Sulphate Resistant 20-kg (bag)(7

Lafarge Canada Inc.

Sulphate Resistant Cement Type 50/HS is resistant to corrosion by water or soil that is high in sulphate content. Concrete made with this type of cement is often used for foundations such as piles and basements.

Lehigh Type 50 cement should be used in cement mixtures that will be exposed to a sulphate environment. It is formulated to be used in concrete, mortars and grouts that will be in service where soils or ground water have a high sulphate content. Typical uses for Type 50 cement includes foundations and underground construction in alkali soils. Lehigh Type 50 cement conforms to the requirements of of CAN/CSA-A3000-98 “Cementitious Materials Compendium” A5-98. Type 50 gains strength more slowly than type 10 cement and may be slightly darker in colour.

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