UniSpacer™ Single Bar Centralizer

Foundation Technologies

Unispacer™ is a guide and alignment system for centralizing single bar reinforcement spacers within augercast piles, tiebacks, and soil anchors. The Unispacer™ alignment system properly positions and centralizes single bar reinforcement within the shaft prior to or after concrete/grout placement.


To learn more visit https://www.nca.ca/shaftspacersystem

• Ensures that the bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the shaft or pile structure

• Provides built-in quality control for the engineer

• Increased job profitability due to quick and easy installation

• Requires only unskilled labor to install

• Releases skilled labor for more demanding tasks

• Saves time and money

• Easily installed

• Practically engineered

• Strong and durable

• Excellent guide system for placement of single bars into the structural foundation and anchor shafts

• Economical to use

• Auger-cast Pile Foundations

• Shell Pile Foundations

• Drilled Pile Foundations

• Soil Anchors

• Tiebacks

• Mini-pile Foundations

• Micro-pile Foundations

• Shear Keys

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