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WTS950LN Beast Tile Saw 7" w/stand


The Lackmond WTS950LN BEAST 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with Laser was designed to promote ease of use. Using the universal rip fence, the Lackmond WTS950LN helps to ensure that you achieve professional results every time. The laser line cutting system of the Lackmond WTS950LN allows you to quickly find your cut line and make and make the cut, speeding up repetitive cutting tasks. The Lackmond WTS950LN is great for making clean, straight cuts and can even make more complex rip and beveled cuts in almost any type of tile. The oversized heavy duty aluminum work table of the Lackmond WTS950LN features a universal quick adjust rip fence that will reduce your margin of error greatly while the folding stand makes it easy to take the saw wherever the work takes you.

  • Rigid stand with locking wheels makes it easy to maneuver saw around the job site and folds up for storage and transport
  • Precision aluminum work table extends to allow you to rip tile up to 22-inch and make diagonal cuts up to 16-inch
  • Extended plunge cut capacity for painless box and vent cutouts in large tiles
  • Laser guide makes it easy to make quick and precise cuts every time
  • Bevel head adjust for clean 45 degree bevel cuts
  • Lackmond WTS950LN Wet Tile Saw
  • Universal Rip Fence and Angle Guide
  • Water pan plug
  • Water pump
  • Saw blade
  • Wrench
  • Stand
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